Welcome to Costa Rica Dentist!
Costa Rica has a strong reputation for its dental and cosmetic expertise which has led many Americans and Europeans to visit for care. Due to it s close proximity to the US, many of the surgeons have received education, training and participated in on-going conferences relative to cutting edge technology. Likewise, many surgeons and dentists have visited Costa Rica to seek out the experience it s doctors have.
You will find fine clinics with graduated professionals from the best National and International Universities. Most of the staff speaks perfect English. Medical staffs are very dedicated. They will always be helpful and courteous towards their patients.
In 1995 the WHO (World Health Organization) considered Costa Rica among the top countries with the best medical systems and in 3rd place relative to life expectancy, after Japan and ahead of the USA and United Kingdom.
How to get to Costa Rica?
Costa Rica is easily accessible by air. All major US and Canadian airlines fly to Costa Rica. Prices of tickets can vary between $400-800, but can drop in low season. US and Canadian citizens need valid passports to go to Costa Rica.

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